Thursday, February 19, 2009

March Food Storage Month

March will be "FOOD STORAGE" month here at Cricket's Cafe. Yep...there will be recipes and tips from some of my favorite sites like....

OR..... And a few more.

We will have a great contest for the best recipe/food storage story. Contest rules will follow in a few days. So start thinking about your favorite recipe using your food storage and your favorite food storage you lived off your food storage while out of work,or during an emergency, or just something funny that you and your family still laugh about. It's up to is your story!


  1. Here is our first "Food Storage" story. It was sent in my Angel Stevens. It's a very honest story on how she and her family approach food storage.

    Cricket this one will be your winner!

    Mine is going to seem unorthodox, but it's MY kind of food storage.
    For breakfast, we have a granola bar and a can of fruit, or dry cereal - we eat it by the bagful! (As witnessed today in Sunday School.)
    For lunch, we have ramen noodles with tuna fish and canned peas.
    For dinner, we have chili with crackers or canned beef stew.
    For snacks, fruit snacks or cereal.
    For dessert, chocolate chips and marshmallows.
    All of it can be cooked over a sterno and the only thing that requires water is the ramen noodles.
    This is seriously what I keep in my 72 hour kits and on the shelves for food storage.
    Brian has gotten really frustrated with me for not storing up barrels of wheat like our parents did. But I don't know what to do with it! And like we've all heard before, if we're not using the wheat in our diets consistently, then when the time comes to use it, it'll wreck havoc on our stomachs! And since I'm not a good mormon girl that grinds my wheat daily and puts it in everything I make, I'm going to stick with what we'll eat!
    And the stuff I store is not that bad for you, keeps for several years (maybe not as long as wheat but certainly easier to rotate!,) and I KNOW we'll eat it! Bon appetite! :)

  2. My friend Kim sent this one to me....makes you think about how you might be able to help someone else with YOUR food storage!

    When Idaho ’s Teton dam burst in 1976, one sister lamented that when her home was washed away, so was her food storage. “A lot of good it did us buying all that food storage.” Something like that. The displaced families were taken in by other members in the area until they could make more permanent arrangements. When she made that remark to her host family, that sister said, “Actually, Sister….what you are eating right now is from OUR food storage.”

  3. This was sent in from my friend Lori Nelson.

    I am the kind of food storer that gets a supply of things we use on a regular basis. Yes we have the wheat, oats, etc that we are told we need, but mostly it is the case lot sale stuff we eat on a regular basis that is in our pantry and basement. The thing I sometimes forget to do is to track what I have. One time we ended up with 8 ketchup's. So I ended taking the 3 pack back to Sam's that I had just bought. But I know that when we try our best to have a food storage like our leaders have told us, that if a time comes that we need that foodstorage to live off of, miracles will happen. When Tim was out of work for 8 months, we seemed to do ok. It seemed like our shelf's were replenishing themselves. What a blessing!