Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail.....Mix

Saw something similar to this on Pinterest but didn't like some of the ingredients so I adapted it to my taste. Add what you and your family like, and subtract what you don't. There are so many fun pastel Easter candies out right now....Go Wild!!

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail Mix

½ box each of your two favorite chex cereals

½ (large bag) peanut M&M’s

½ (large bag) plain M&M’s

½ can of peanuts

½ bag cadbury mini chocolate candy eggs

½ bag Annie’s  cheddar bunny crackers (they are like goldfish, but they are Target brand so they are bunnies)

½ bag Annie’s  chocolate & Vanilla cookie bunnies (Also Target brand, they will be right there with the cheddar bunnies)

1/2 bag chocolate covered raisins. It is Bunny mix after all ;)

As many pretzel sticks (broken into 3 pieces) as you want

½ bag of the pastel spring colored candy corn (if you can find them. Brachs makes the best)

½ bag of craisins
Of course I used all the Spring/Easter colors in the candies.
And I used all the stuff I bought so it doubled the recipe.
It filled about 3 ½ large ziplocks (Gallon size).