Friday, October 29, 2010

Our First Friendly Friday

I told you last month that I was starting something called Friendly Friday. Each Friday I will post a recipe  from a friend, except the third Friday of each month (yes I know this is the LAST Friday of the month) I will post a contest or a contest featuring a local company. Hey...either way you get to win something!!

Our first Friendly Friday company is (drum roll please).............

GQ Dental
1275 Fort Union Boulevard
Midvale, UT84047
Phone: (801) 676-8100

Dr. Grant Quayle and his wonderful staff are an amazing group. They are kind and sensitive to your needs and yes...your fears. They know that some of us are a little afraid of the dentist. They go above and beyond to make your visit as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Nicole is the office manager (and my daughter). She will do everything she can to assist you with your insurance or payment needs. If you are looking for a a dental office just like I described above, give them a call. I am sure after your first visit you will grow to love them as much as I do!!
GQ Dental Mission Statement:We are committed to making a positive difference in our patients lives and health through the education and promotion of personal responsibility for improved health. We are committed to continually refining and updating our knowledge, skills, and expertise so that we can contribute fully to our patients well being. We love what we do, and have fun doing it!

Okay...I know...I know...the prize right!!! Okay the prize donated by GQ Dental is.....a complete teeth whitening system!! That's those family holiday pictures coming up and want to have those pearly whites...well..pearly white then here is what you do.

1. You have to become a Follower of Crickets Cafe and then leave a comment on the blog saying you are a follower and would like to win the prize.

2. Find GQ Dental on Facebook and leave a comment there.

Easy Right?
Winner will be announced next Friday November 5th


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's almost here!!!

Our First "Friendly Friday" is almost here. Come help us celebrate this Friday October 29th. And enter to win a really cool prize!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We Have A Winner

We have a winner for our awesome black witches hat from Anastasia's Attic.

It is Pat from Gypsey Heart and Soul. Go over and say hi and congratulate her on her prize.
Thank you to all that entered. I will be doing contest every month and would love for all of you to come back and enter each time.

Beautiful Fabric Pumpkins

I saw some really amazing fabric Halloween pumpkins on one of my favorite blogs. The Idea Room but I can't sew a stitch so I totally put them out of my mind. I forgot that I did send the link to my BFF Tammy a long time ago so she could see how cute they were.

Well, guess what...she can sew and sew she did. What a great surprise. They are soooo cute!!

And she made my daughter Nicole some too! She walked the canal bank behind her house looking for just the right sticks for the pumpkin stems!

She is so talented and is always coming up with something that really makes me smile. I don't think there is anything she can't do. Thanks Tammy I love my pumpkins and I love YOU!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Look What I Found!!

I love this new blog I found. Beyond The Picket Fence. And She does a Linky Party every Thursday. Beyond The Picket Fence
It's so much fun. Check it out!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pear Muffins

I LOVE PEARS!!!!! Green pears, Yellow pears, Bartlet pears, Asian pears, juice dripping down my chin pears. I only get them once in a great while because no one likes them except my son Brandon and he is all grown up and doesn't live here anymore. As I was thinking about how much I really love fruit and pears especially I started looking for recipes with pears in it. Of course one of my favorite blogs A Whisk and A Prayer had one.....she always has yummy recipes...that's why she is one of my favorites.

PEAR MUFFINS Can you say OMGosh...these are soooo good!!!

Go here for the recipe. A Whisk and A Prayer.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Halloween Hat Give-A-Way!

I have just made a new friend and found the most amazing blog (well two actually) because I also found her sister's blog as well. Red Couch Recipes.

My new friend is Jacqueline and her blog is Purple Chocolat Home. She is such a cutie and her blog is so much fun.

After meeting through the blog world and then in person at Anastasia's Attic we decided to join together and have a contest. She is a big fan of the store and I am a big fan of hers and since our fabulous velvet witch hats are soooo nice we decided to give one away.

Jacqueline and her granddaughter Kylie stopped by and paid us a visit at the store. Tara (the owner of Anastasia's Attic) and Kylie both look so cute don't they? And yes, that is the hat one lucky winner will get.

Giveaway Rules

To be entered in the contest you must be a

follower of all three:

1. Purple Chocolat Home

2. Anastasia's Attic - follow them on Facebook


3. Cricket's Cafe - Cricket is the manager of Anastasia's Attic

Leave a comment on each for one chance each at

winning the hat.

The contest will run from Sunday evening Oct. 17 and

Saturday midnight Oct. 24.

Contest only open to residents of the United States

and Canada. Winner will be chosen using

You must include your email address so that we can

contact you to mail the hat to you.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Anything And Everything!!

I love the taste of pumpkin!! Pumpkin pie, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin brownies, and I loooooove pumpkin pancakes! So today while I was sneaking around doing my Monday morning blog stalking I found a wonderful new blog (well, new to me that is) she has many fans as you will see by how many followers she has.

As I was poking around what did I see.....a wonderful new pumpkin recipe  looking back at me. OK, I really did get excited. So excited I am going to share it with you BEFORE I even try it...LOL
I can just look at the picture and tell I am going to love them!!

These pumpkin pecan biscotti look so good I could almost smell and taste them. Click here to find the wonderful recipe and poke around a little yourself.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday Morning Scones

Our good friends Jim and Regina Essex taught me how to make these one beautiful and chilly morning while our families were camping. I love to make them on Saturday mornings during the fall and winter. They are soooo easy and everyone can pick their favorite topping.

The ingredients are soooo easy, there are just two!

Biscuits : I like the Pillsbury Grands but this is what I had on hand today
Oil for frying: My favorite is Crisco but you could use whatever you like.

Open your biscuits and let them sit out just long enough to take the chill off. They are easier to work with that way.

Then start to gently stretch them. Above is a picture of before and after. The Pillsbury brand tends to get a little bigger.  Get them all stretched out and then heat your oil. I don't use a thermometer, I just heat it till when the edge of one of the biscuits is dipped in it starts to bubble.

Using a pair of tongs gently place the biscuits in the hot oil. I usually never do more than four at a time as to not cool down the oil too much. When they are golden brown on one side carefully use tongs to flip them over.

When they are beautiful and golden brown on both sides I remove them to a plate with paper towels to absorb any leftover oil.

Then the fun part begins...choosing the toppings! My son loves them with butter and honey. My husband loves them with homemade jam. I love them with a glaze or sometimes even maple syrup.

Add a cold glass of milk (for me) or a cup of hot chocolate  (for my sweet husband) and you have a simple and oh so yummy Saturday Morning Scone Breakfast!