Sunday, March 8, 2009

I'm getting Serious

OK, I have been trying to get my pantry and food storage under control for years with no luck. Probably because I just wasn't taking it very seriously. But I know it is of vital importance and not doing it will only bring me problems down the road so....I have decide to FINALLY GET SERIOUS!

I started in the kitchen with my pantry. I cleaned it, organized it and now I can actually finds things in there when it is time to cook dinner.

Then I started on my food storage downstairs. My food storage closet is very small compared to some and it was in really bad shape. So...our good friend and the man I call my second dad Bruce Carter came to my rescue. I didn't even take pictures of the before because was not pretty! But after a lot of wood cutting, nails, and sweat it came out wonderful. It is so well organized now and I can reach everything and find everything. Now I just need to get it fully stocked. And yes...for those of you who are looking at those Lay's Potato Chips...I do love them and they say you should store what you eat...LOL

1 comment:

  1. Wow Cricket! You are amazing! We know who to come live with if there's a shortage of food! :)