Friday, February 11, 2011

Decorating Dilemma!!!

Usually all my posts are about food or food related subjects but today I need some advice from some  of you that are really good at decorating. I have a decorating dilemma!!!!!!

 This was my front room (as we say here in Utah) I can't call it formal by any means but it is the front living room (as apposed to the family room which is one level down). The room you see when you ring my doorbell and I answer it...LOL


I need curtains because those big blank white squares of mini blinds are killing me!!! But I just have not found any premade that I like and I don't sew....I know...I know...what kind of woman am I. I cook...really well in fact...but I don't sew and I no longer feel any shame in it...LOL

So...getting back to my stark white mini blinds....I wanted to do something to add a little color but not spend a lot of money. This is what I came up with (for the time being) ...I still want curtains or drapes or something pretty on the windows!

I added two of my extra dinning room chairs.....(free)

I bought two pillows for the sofa to add a little color. ($ 6.00 each at Target)

My BFF Tammy found these for me at my favorite store in the whole world "Hobby Lobby" I put one one on either side of the window, for a little more color. They were 1/2 off!!

I love my bird cage from "Home Goods"
So....the question is....does it look a little better and what more would you suggest I do (other than some color on the windows).  I'm open here ladies...give me some suggestions!!


  1. Hey Cricket! I LIKE!! I LIKE!!!! I have (and had) the same dilemma that you have.. bare windows.. so slowly, one by one I'm fixing that ... Here is what I did (because I don't sew and I can NEVER EVER find what my MIND is THINKING I need already done!) I went to my 2nd favorite store (Rod Works :)) and purchased KNOBS - they come in all sizes, shapes, designs etc... (I'm sure you know what I'm talking about) then put them above my window... I purchased fabric of my LIKING and just DRAPED it from knob to knob... WHA-LA! added color AND no SEWING! (I don't sew either!)For my family room which is a bit more "rustic" then my front room, I went "branch shopping" - that is where you drive around looking on the sides of the roads for branches or limbs of trees (my kids LOVE (not) doing this!) then toss them in the truck and come home, measure them to the length I needed, let the branch "rest" on the knobs and I took 2 different fabrics, knotted the ends and draped it over, around and back through the branch... easy-peasy! I just finished my bedroom and have the same issue with the bay window in there - so I'm heading to IKEA (#3 store) because they have some AMAZING deals on sheer fabrics ($2.99 yd- 60"wide)... just needs something light and airy in the bedroom... well, gotta run... to IKEA!!!! See you there???

    OH!! And I LOVE that you send your BFF to Hobby Lobby... I LOVE running into her there! So, keep the projects... keep sending her! She is one TALENTED LADY!!!! YES SHE IS!!!! And so are you!!! LOVE IT!!!! (oh - I'll post pictures on my blog with "THIS IS FOR CRICKET" as my label... just give me a few.... GOOD LUCK!

  2. Loved the above idea. I have another. Drapery is just rectangles of fabric. They have wonderful new hardware that consists of rings with clips on the bottom and it can hold really heavy fabric. If you really don't sew at all you could just turn the edges of the rectangles over and use fabric glue to finish the edges, then hang them with the rings and clips. If you can sew a straight line, then fold the edges over and sew them down, then use the clips and hang them.

    These kind of curtains don't have to cover the whole window, they can just hang at the sides to add color, height and softness.

    It is so easy, you will become addicted. Love all of your other touches too.

  3. I think your off to a great start! Great job.
    Thank you for entering the Scentsy giveaway. Good luck!

  4. Thank for all the comments so far. I can't take credit for anything that actually looks good in the BFF Tammy is always the one putting it all together for me. I used to think I was a decent least in my own home, but as of late I feel like I can't put two bookends together!Some kind of block or slump. Lucky for me my BFF is so talented and I have such good blogger friends with great ideas!

  5. Well, you personally asked me so here goes. I think that the room is nice but lacks the warm and cozy feel. The stark white on the walls against the pretty green is too strong. So if you like the green, I would paint the other walls a very pale shade of the feature wall. With will blend the room together better. I love the pillows on the sofa. If you have a hobby lobby nearby, they have premade curtains like the fabric on your pillows and they go on sale all the time or use their 40% off coupons online or in the newspaper. Hang a curtain panel on each end of the bay and on each side of the window behind the couch. I think your coffee table is way to large for this space. Change that out and bring in a side chair towards the bay windows but facing the sofa at an angle. All of this will warm up the space and make it feel good. Hope this helps.

  6. Hi Cricket, sorry it has taken a while to get back to you. I appreciate it that you want my advice. I agree with Terry that the white walls are too stark.I would paint the whole room the same color. For some very easy and cheap no sew drapes with the benefit of added texture, I would buy drop cloths from Lowe's or Home Depot. You can fold over the top to make them interesting and glue on some trim to add some color to them. Get rods and clip rings to hang them. Let them puddle on the floor for more added softness. They come in a lot of sizes. I used the 6 x 9 ones in my guest bedroom. If you want to see them type in drop cloths in my search box on my sidebar and that should bring my post up. If not let me know and I will find the link and send it to you. I would add more pillows to the sofas, too and place a pillow on the chairs in the bay area that you added. These drop cloths are only around ten dollars. I would probably add woven wood blinds in place of the white mini blinds for a really warmer look and they are cheap at Lowe's or HD, too. Just some ideas to play with. Hope that helps.

  7. Wow...some great camera must be messing with me and the color of my room. The walls are not white they are taupe...but now that I look at it I do believe the green is too's nice to have fresh eyes looking at it...thanks everyone!

  8. Hey there, Cricket! I'm truly flattered that you want me to take a peek at your lovely space! You've already gotten wonderful suggestions! I agree that if you painted the entire space the same color, it'd provide a new, cohesive look. Do you have an IKEA near you? If so, they have wonderful, budget-friendly window panels ... a crisp white or cream would be really pretty in here and allow your gorgeous sofa to pop and still remain the focal point. You really have beautiful pieces! *Becca*

  9. Hi Cricket...I'm visiting from Suzanne's blog. I took a look really have a great blog! In fact, I think I might try your Garlic Chicken and Broccoli Pasta this weekend...sounds so good! I am now a follower...I will visit, again!

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