Sunday, July 8, 2012


 I have been in a blogging rut! I have just not been feeling it much lately. I have been looking at some of my favorites and it seems some of my favorite blogger's may be feeling the same way.

It's hot, we are busy with summer activities and kids home from school. Who wants to crank up the oven or slave over a hot stove in this heat? BUT.....

I just found this amazing new blog. "The Cutting Edge Of Ordinary" The photos are amazing, the recipes are amazing, yep....the whole things is pretty amazing. I kept changing my mind about which recipe was my favorite and which one I would try first. But this being summer and all of us thinking about eating lighter I picked this one to share. Healthy low calorie high protein snacks can be a challenge to find.....this one is....yep you got it is...AMAZING!!

Even though I have nothing fresh and exciting of my own.....I really wanted all my friends who have not had the pleasure of visiting The Cutting Edge Of Ordinary to experience it for themselves.

Roasted Chickpeas

Let me know (and her) how you like it!