Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Changes Are Coming.....

I love my bedroom....and I hate my bedroom! It's nice and big, has a pretty bay window and has a fantastic view of the mountains. But it is boring!! I am so tired of the way it looks. Granted it looks 100 plus better than when I moved in...yucky ivy wallpaper and the previous owner had painted ivy vines all over the master bath coming out into the was HORRIBLE!

 But now it is just boring and I need a change!!

See...waaay too much brown and boring! The honey pine furniture MUST GO!!!

I loved this in 1995 when I had it customed made. Lots of drawers and it hides my TV. But now....not so much. Good thing is my daughter wants it to go with the matching four poster bed I already gave her. Hey she is young, single and poor...LOL

No...I am not allergic to color and yes I was on drugs when I decorated this room....LOL. Not really but can I use that as my excuse? My sweet husband really wanted to be in on it and didn't want it to frilly so we settled on a whole lot of brown!

 are not seeing things....all I put to fill up all that space was one little bench! Ok stop laughing...we all have decorating disasters in our past...and I am sure there will probably be a few in the future! But as I said....there are big changes coming!!!

Yes, there will be some color, and  new bedding, the cute bench as been moved to the guest room, and my sweet husband said he will stay out of it this time, it won't be so formal, more relaxed and comfy. I'm too old to be formal and stuffy...relaxed and laid back, and comfortable is more my style these days.

A hint you want a's a few hints! Let's see what you think!


  1. Sounds like fun! I love decorating. Post pictures when it's done! I like vintage black and white sounds cute.

  2. oh i want to re do our bedroom SO badly.

  3. Can't wait to see what you do !! Lots of changes at your house Cricket :) Fun stuff!!

  4. You need to pop some chairs in the bay window for comfortable sitting and reading? Some orangey reds are good or some bluesh greens, tie the colors into what you have. I love Home Goods here in Stuart for pops of color and they now have occasional pieces too. Have fun!!!!!!!