Friday, December 3, 2010

Adventures In Decorating

Good Morning All....yes it is very early here but I am excited to share something with you. When I started this blog it was for the purpose of sharing recipes, but over time I have added all kinds of little tidbits I thought you might enjoy. You all know I am a blog stalker! Always looking for wonderful other bloggers willing to share their talents. Well you are in for a treat!!

This is Becca.

I found her blog "Adventures In Decorating" and just fell in love. Not only does she live in the South and you all know I am very proud of my southern roots. But....this lady has mad decorating skills. I fell in love with her Nutcracker Mantel......

Then I saw her adorable kitchen with Mr & Mrs Santa Claus and the adorable gingerbread cookies. OMGosh this lady has talent. Her attention to detail is amazing. I just couldn't stop scrolling down and looking at older post's because I just had to see what else she has done. And I was not disappointed. Her house is beautiful and just filled with Southern Charm with a  classy edge. I have recommended blogs to you before but this one is a must see. And if you are stuck for decorating ideas this year, you won't be after a visit with Becca at Adventures In Decorating. Click HERE to visit her and her beautiful home.
I have heard of a blog crush, but didn't know what it meant util now....LOL


  1. I am headed over to visit Becca. Her decorating looks just gorgeous.

    You are always so sweet in your comments. I need to come up to SL and visit Anastasia, there is just not enough time in the month. If I do I hope to see you sweetie!

  2. Cricket! I'm so, so, *so* flattered that you chose to give a shout out to little ol' me! Seriously ... thank you! I don't deserve your sweet comments, but am truly humbled just the same. Thank you SO much ... hope I don't disappoint. I can't wait to see more of your gorgeous festive decor in your beautiful home. I'll be posting more Christmas soon ... hope you like it. Have a fabulous day ... hugs, Becca