Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cinnamon Chip Bunt Cake

If you want a yummy, light and different cake to serve this year on Easter, not that there is anythng wrong withh acrrott cake or a beautiful white cake covered in coconut (my personal favorite) but...if you want something a little lighter and just something out of the box for this particular holiday go to this blog  and try making her Cinnamon Chip Bunt Cake.....OMGosh it is so good!

Come back after you make it and let me know how you liked it...let her know too!


  1. Hi! I can't wait to try your recipes. Love your blog - I'll be following.
    Laura @Enjoying the simple things

  2. Have you tried it Cricket? I saw it the other day and thought it looked good. I've been wanting to try those cinnamon chips for a while but haven't gotten around to it. I think they would be great to make a cinnamon bread like they sell at Great Harvest Bread. YUM-O!!

  3. sounds really good, I hope I'll be able to try it soon.