Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Have Our Winners!

Congratulations to Sharon Starling, Jane Ball, Mary Anderson,Brittany Derbidge, Lori Nelson and June Davis. Yes, there are 6 names. If you are a Facebook fan you would know I posted on there that I was going to add one more cookbook to give one more person a chance to enter. June Davis was the lucky girl!!

For those of you who live a little farther away then others (Jane and Mary) I will mail yours on Friday. The rest of you will get yours within the next day or so.

Congratulations and thanks for helping me expand my recipe blog with your yummy recipes. Keep your eyes open for the next contest it is coming soon. I'll give you a has to do with Ghost and Goblins!


  1. I can't believe I actually can save the postage and hold it for me till I come visit. I won't mind. Jane

  2. Hey, the old lady here figured it out....I now am recognized! I feel better already.

  3. OK, I know, I am old!! I have found out the I am here as Jane and Justine! Now to figure out how to cancel Justine!!