Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Budget Friendly Chicken Alfredo

My son loves Chicken Alfredo...and this recipe is so budget friendly I can make it once a week.

I start with these....

They are usually only .99 per package and I almost always have coupons.
I cook according to the package directions. It only has to cook for about 7 minutes. At minute 4 or 5 I add in the other things that make it so yummy. Like leftover chicken. I always have a bag of these frozen mesquite chicken breast from Sam's Club in my freezer. Three minutes in the microwave and they are all done. I cooked the chicken while the pasta was cooking. So the whole dinner only took me about 15 minutes!!

I also add in a handful of frozen peas. But you could add corn, mushrooms, asparagus or anything else you like. A whole bag of peas is usually a dollar or less.

The results is a plate full of yumminess. Add a piece of garlic bread and it's a wonderful meal that is fit for any budget.

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