Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Tara

Today I am going to go a little off course. This is not about a yummy recipe that I discovered. It's about a wonderful lady who came into my life many years ago....actually her whole family  came into my life but today we are just going to talk about her......Tara

Tara is a really good friend and her family is like my family....oh and she is my boss!
Today is Tara's birthday and I thought everyone should get a peek at this amazing woman. She has so many sides to her. Business Woman, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Aunt, Mentor, Girlfriend, Book Author, Singer, Dancer, Makeup Artist To The Stars, Best Cookie Maker In The World.....and the list goes on!!

Tara you have soooooo many people that love you. You have touched so many lives with your love, friendship, and compassionate nature. Your acts of service are endless, your hearts always has room for one more. You could never see another human being in need and not do your very best to reach out and help them. Today we celebrate you and the day your were born. That day the world became a much better place!! In celebration of your birthday I have put together some pictures to show just some of the many sides of Tara....Lord knows I could fit them all in. You are like Sybil without the mean parts...LOL.

A rare picture of us together because I hate having my picture taken!

Tara belongs to and heads up several groups and organizations along with many other wonderful talented people.

There are several events each year at Anastasia's Attic (Tara is the owner) in which we dress up in costume for the events. This is Tara with her boyfriend Jeff. They clean up pretty nice don't ya think?

Tara is a BIG TIME animal lover. She is mom to a  miniature goat named Godfrey and a sweet tortoise named Goliath. She has taught Godfrey to shake, give a kiss and a few other tricks. He loves his mommy very much.

What would a beautiful witch do without an owl!

Tara loves her family and making memories with them. Here she is at the festival of colors with her brother, sister and nephews. Though she is a girly girl and loves her make-up and bling. She can get dirty with the best of them!

Sexy Masquerade Witch at Halloween

Beautiful Fairy event at our store. The little girls love to come in each year and see what kind of fairy she will be.

A Pirate Wench on Pirate night!

Our Little Black Dress Event.

Her niece and nephews call her "Butterfly Tara"...doesn't she look like one here?

This was at my 50th birthday party. With a fifties theme I asked her to dress like Olivia Newton John in Grease....Wow...she really looks hot!!!

Tara always has time for her family and friends.

The back of the book she co-authored with Lisa Nichols.

Tara even meditates in still...LOL

Now I need to give credit where it is due....Tara has the most amazing Mother in the world. She is incredibly loving, giving, compassionate, selfless, and funny. I guess the apple didn't fall far from the tree. But then again all of her children are like that!

Tara's Mom....Sharon Starling.

There are so many more pictures I would love to include. But will stop now so her head doesn't get too big...LOL. Tara...I hope you know just how much you are loved, appreciated and admired by soooo many. Thank you for being one of my best friends and the greatest boss in the world.

Happy Birthday Beautiful!!


  1. Tara~ You are wonderful in everyway. The world could not turn without you.
    Love Always,

  2. I second everything Auntie Cricket said! Love you much!

  3. She has created many beautiful and wonderful things. Very talented and busy. You are a sweetie too Cricket!