Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Setting A Beautiful Table

There is or at least should be more to having a great meal than just the food right? Good friends and family to share it with you and then there is the table......I love to have a pretty tablescape to balance the aromas coming from the kitchen and the laughter coming from around the table. I found this great new blog and today they went straight to my heart. I have lived her in Utah for almost 18 years but I was born and raised in Florida. The Style Sisters captured what a warm sunny day around the pool or beachside should look like. They are also giving away a set of beautiful napkin rings and I would love to win them.

Here are a few pictures of what can hapen when you buy a few beautiful napkins and then an idea starts to form. I'm sure you will agree with me when I say it's beautiful!!

It all started with these beautiful napkins!

Add a beautiful napkin ring, a plate, and utensils...

A beautiful lanten, some shells and a few candles!
And look at the transformation! I told you it was beautiful.
You can hear the waves crashing and smell the cool ocen

Here is a picture of the napkin rings. You can
also buy them on the Style Sisters blog.


  1. Wow Cricket thank you for the beautiful post about my tablescape! I hope you win them! I love your blog by the way!! So fun I am going to go check more of it out now. OH and by the way I am originally from So. Calif. so I too know the beach. I lived in Utah for 15 yrs and now reside in TX. I do miss the beach life. :)

  2. Cricket you won! Please email me at with your address so I can mail them off to you. Congratulations!